Democrats, 2016 and the fight over Obama’s legacy

My latest piece, for The New York Times online:

In fundamental ways, the 2016 Democratic primary has been a litigation of the Obama years, and of whether the president’s 2008 campaign vow of “change we can believe in” succeeded or failed.®ion=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region

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    I just couldn’t go away your website before suggesting that I
    really enjoyed the standard information a person provide in your guests?

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    You come off as the most disingenuous person on all of cable news, including the entire roster of Fox news. I should point out that I am NOT a “Bernie bro”, not a Republican, and not a fan of your girl Hillary “Walmart” Clinton, lest you go run to twitter and play the victim again. I reject both parties and I absolutely reject establishment media shills like you who tie your wagon to a campaign you think will win and enrich your media career. The way you ignore Clintons faults and corruption and lie about Sanders backers and his campaign almost makes me want to support him as a way of pissing off you careerist, establishment media hacks. I would say you should be deeply ashamed at your deeply biased coverage of this election but you don’t appear to have any shame left. You have consistently and embarrassingly bent over backwards for the Clinton campaign, I hope it at least pays off for you $$$$ in some way and you didn’t prostrate yourself over nothing

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    Ms. Reid, I have been listening to you on various media…TV and radio…and I am appalled at your extreme bias against Bernie Sanders and his supporters. You sound so very emotional and defensive whenever you talk about the formidable and democratic challenge Senator Sanders has made to Secretary Clinton in this campaign. You are an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and with friends like you, Hillary will have a hard time getting the 10 million Sanders supporters to show up for her in November.

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    The President has been transformative and heroic.
    Thank you for requiring surrogates to answer the question you ask and for your courage and smarts to point out the lies they tell.
    Regarding this morning’s program when you played Sanders’ interview, no one on your panel pointed out that Bernie felt the plight of “working men” who make too little and can’t support their families but didn’t bemoan the plight of working women of every race who make even less. How many more working women are heads of households?

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    Miss Reid,
    Your show, AM Joy , is outstanding !
    Yesterday ‘s show, August 6th, just made me so proud of you . You handled Mr. Palidino ‘s obnoxious and disrespectful comments splendidly. You are a powerful role model for me and all woman everywhere . Thank you for all your hard work and for always showing us how we should act in this sometimes difficult world.

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