Buy ‘Fracture’ and support Mahogany Books!

Haven't purchased your copy of Fracture? Here's your chance to get read in on the politics of race and support a small business too!

The Iowa Caucuses are just over a week away, and that means the political season is fully upon us. 2016 is going to be a very important election year, and if you still haven't gotten your copy of ‪#‎Fracture‬, and want to get read up on the history of race and politics in the Democratic Party and in the country, from LBJ to Barack Obama (and now, between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton), and you'd also like to support a small business, might I suggest ordering your copy from my friends at MahoganyBooks?

I had the pleasure of meeting Ramunda and Derrick last week at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore last week, at a #Fracture signing which they staffed, and think everyone should get to know them. Love my friends at Amazon, but do consider giving Mahogany Books some love!

You can purchase your copy of Fracture from MahoganyBooks here:

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    Hello Joy, I would like to gift you the book Don’t Speak by Author, J. L. Brown via Kindle or paperback, whichever you prefer. I think you guys would get a kick out of it.

    It’s about a a female senator is running for president, and someone is killing conservative talk-show hosts during a presidential election year. Don’t Speak, a novel by J. L. Brown ( ), is the must-read book of the political season. Kirkus Reviews calls it “an engaging novel.”

    To get it to you I only need a P. O. Box address or an Amazon email address.

    Thanks, Audi Brown

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