Joy has covered some of the most contentious issues facing the country in recent years, including the Trayvon Martin case and the origins of Black Lives Matter, to the uprising in Baltimore, and the marches in New York against police violence. She has also covered national and statewide politics, from Florida to Chicago, including the 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections.

Joy's bylines have appeared in The Miami Herald, the New York Times, The Daily Beast, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The South Florida Times,,, and She was the managing editor of from 2011 to 2014.

From 2014 to 2015, Joy was the host of The Reid Report, a daily one-hour news program on MSNBC.

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    Good morning Joy! My husband and I are followers of you and your work! We respect and enjoy your reporting! We are a Black couple, 65+ years old. Just to let you know, we are disappointed with MSNBC and how they are directing all Democrats to Hillary Clinton! I believe there are many Blacks like my husband and I who do not trust her, do not see her as being genuine, and frankly do not like her. We have a history with her that is not all that pleasant. We remember the “superpreditor” comment. We remember how she stood by her husband, not only in his misbehavior in marriage, but when he began the trend to overincarcerate Blacks, over prosecute Blacks, and sent many jobs out of America through his over zealous trade deals. We remember how she conducted herself when she ran against Pres Obama. Not a pretty sight! We would never vote for her, and we are not in the millineum population. We have 4 adult children who also do not support Hillary. I don’t know what koolaid my people drank in the South, or my sisters and brothers in Tuesday’s elections. But we’re not going for the party leaders coronation of Hillary. We won’t be given over to her because of any fear of Trump either. She’s never even been able to clearly explain WHY she wants to be president. What is her motivation? Don’t like her. Never will like her. And don’t understand how the media and party leaders are pushing her so hard. Just because she traveled the world for President Obama doesn’t mean she was sincerely dedicated to him without ulterior motives. We don’t owe her anything! I’m sorry, Joy! Not a fan of Hillary’s, and supporting Sanders until he ends his campaign. Don’t care who she picks as VP. We don’t know what we’ll do as we’ve always voted. I don’t care for how the DNC gave us such a little choice of candidates. But it was all designed which makes us like her even less!

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