Praise for Fracture

"Provocative and well-argued with plenty of clues on what to watch for in the coming presidential race." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Lay readers interested in the background of rifts within the Democratic party—both before and during the Obama administration—will find this concise summary from MSNBC correspondent Reid to be illuminating and accessible. ... Those looking for a refresher on the tensions of the 2008 Obama-Clinton primary battle, and their implications for the 2016 race, will find the salient points covered." -- Publisher's Weekly

"A compelling examination of racial issues in national politics, from the 1960s to the present." -- Shelf Awareness

"Every page of Joy-Ann Reid’s FRACTURE is alive with historical heft and context. ..." -- South Florida Times

"A sophisticated political journalist has written a sophisticated political history—not academic but serious popular history—of American presidential and racial politics. Her central narrative centers on the period and the major players named in her title, but we are brought up to speed on the civil rights movement of the ’60s and the LBJ administration—and at least reminded of even deeper history than that. You won’t be surprised at either her intelligence or the depth of her command of this story—not if you’ve seen her in one of her many TV guest-commentator appearances, anyway—but you may be surprised at how much of that history brilliantly illuminates the highly-charged moment America is experiencing right now. And it will continue to, especially (but not only) for these next 14 months. Extensively footnoted and indexed." -- About Books by George Ernsberger, Sullivan County Democrat