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Three writers wrestle with Obama’s racial legacy

BY: TODD STEVEN BURROUGHS Posted: Feb. 21 2016 3:00 AM During both of Obama’s terms, and even before, a visible minority of black activists—some prominent, some not, and from different age groups—have criticized their president out loud when they felt their community slighted. They have been, and still are, disappointed because, they say, most of what they have gotten from him is shallow symbolism, while other constituency groups have gotten attention to specific, targeted policies. It seems like a long time ago since those days in 2008 when Barack Obama represented so much to so many, particularly those in the black, sometimes radicalized, grassroots: A new black history was visible,...

Warning signs for Hillary in South Carolina

Even before Sen. Bernie Sanders began surging in early state and national polls, the Hillary Clinton campaign viewed South Carolina as her firewall, mainly due to her much higher standing and name recognition with black voters. But there are signs that the Clinton team may be falling behind the Sanders campaign, both in terms of organizing on the ground and exciting black voters, even as former Secretary Clinton maintains a large lead in the polls and prognosticators like give her overwhelming odds of winning the state’s primary in two weeks. Read more here....

Join Joy at Kent State’s MLK Celebration

MLK March on Washington

Join Joy at Kent State, for a book signing and lecture on the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., at the invitation of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. More info: Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration January 28, 2016, KSC Ballroom @ 4 p.m. Keynote Speaker Joy-Ann Reid (Tickets are required for the keynote presentation) For tickets and information click here....